دوچرخه لیو مدل بلس 3 سایز 27.5 - Giant Liv 2019 Bliss 3 با امکان پرداخت در محل و گارانتی 5 ساله

یک دوچرخه سایز 27.5 دوست داشتنی برای شروع حرفه ای شدن مناسب برای شهری و کوهستان مخصوصا برای بانوان در دو رنگ سبز یخی و آبی سیر

Giant Liv 2019 Bliss 3 - 27.5

Designed to bring the best of both road and mountain worlds together. Bliss delivers front suspension, on a 27.5-inch wheel size for stability with great traction from wider tires, and a relaxed style that keeps you more upright and comfortable in the saddle, while offering 26-inch wheels in smaller sizes. The road inspiration offers a lightweight design and pedaling efficiency. Integrated dropouts allow you to install a rack or add a kickstand to transform the bike into capable commuter or weekend adventurer. Bliss 26 is available in both V-brake or disc brake versions.

Bliss 3

Bliss 3

True Blue / Magenta, Ice Green / Orange
ALUXX-Grade Aluminum
SR Suntour XCE fork 27.5/26
Giant Sport steel, 25.4
Giant Sport alloy
Giant Sport, 30.9x350mm
(Liv Connect (upright
one-piece, black PP, 9/16
Shimano ST-EF41
Shimano Tourney
Shimano Tourney
TX-122 linear pull
Shimano ST-EF41
Shimano TZ500,14x34
ProWheel forged A6061, 24/34/42
sealed cartridge
Giant CH17 SW aluminum
stainless, 14G
Giant Quickcross, 27.5X2.1/26x2.1 30 tpi

فرم شرایط ضمانت نامه 5 ساله دوچرخه جاینت

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